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561 нм 30 мВт лазерное видео

561 нм 30 мВт лазерное видеоThis is a 561nm 30mW DPSS Laser System. 561nm is a relatively special wavelength, and the color of the laser is green to yellow. The transverse film mode is TEM00. There are two working modes available, CW/Modulation.
The laser output power can be adjusted manually. Its maximum output power here is 30mW, and the output power of 1~400mW can be customized. Let’s check it now.

Low noise yellow green laser at 561nm is made features of ultra compact, long lifetime, low cost and easy operating, which is used in scientific experiment, optical sensor, measurement, instrument, communication, spectrum analysis, etc.

The 561nm laser test data, spectrogram, power stability test report, M² data, the relationship between current and power when power is adjusted.

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